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We know the secrets of cloud collaboration!

delaPORTAL knows the secret of cloud collaboration and is the ultimate web-based business solution for all your project needs. Our program makes Project and Document Management simple and allows for real time collaboration from any where in the world and with our superior security system, you will never have to worry about your documents being compromised. The software is easy to use and can be used by any non-technical staff. Step up to delaPORTAL now!

14 powerful and fully integrated business applications that make sharing and collaboration efficient and effective!

Document Management
Store and share documents, pictures, and critical information securely with authorized users, approvals by level, monitoring all persons name, worked on documents, keep all revisions.

Task Manager
Manage and delegate project tasks and activities, monitor % of completion by task or by project; create reports, sorted by user or by task with a graphical view.

Presentations (Slide Shows)
Prepare a slide show to be viewed in moderated, or non-moderated mode. Add sound and/or test questions to each slide for training or evaluation purposes.

Handle your corporate email safely and securely within your fully integrated corporate portal.

Polls (Surveys)
Get real-time feedback on key topics from your organization whenever you need input.

Forums (Discussions)
Exchange ideas, comments, and more with centralized, easy to access interactive discussions.

Keep your entire organization up to date with the latest news, events, policies, and more.

Events Calendar
Schedule meetings, events, and share calendars with your entire organization.

Contact Management
Organize and manage personal and company contact directories of employees, suppliers and customers.

Organize and manage personal and company related notes arranged by category.

Save your favorite websites, arranged by category.

Build and maintain your own indexed monthly newsletter with pictures.

Instant Messenger
This is a portal based IM module that allows online and offline messaging to other associates.

Surveillance Cameras
Connect and set up IP network cameras. Capture and transfer of real-time images from an IP camera going through your portal.

What is a delaPORTAL,
and why you need one!

In short, "dela" is a word meaning business. delaPORTAL is a multi-user web-based portal that allows business associates from anywhere in the world to collaborate with one another in real time. The portal has a unique multi-level security system that allows only those designated by your company's portal administrator to see assigned projects. They can share documents and files with full version control, freeing up your company's time and expense to transport documents. Users can read announcements, and meet in the forums, instant message one another, and even if the recipient is not online (they will receive the message upon their next login). For companies concerned with the dangers of "open" email, delaPORTAL also has a corporate based email system. There is an events calendar that even has the ability for people to register for specific events. You can have Polls (surveys) with an almost limitless set of question and answer options. delaPORTAL has a mailing list system with call lists for organizations needing mass market mailings by category. For training and new product releases, there is a presentations module that lets you have moderated, or non-moderated, slideshows for any sized group of users worldwide. Each slide can also include it's own streaming audio if you would like to have a narrated slideshow. Your members can also personalize delaPORTAL to include private contacts, personal bookmarks, etc. delaPORTAL can also be tailored to your companies color schemes and logos.

Every Business needs secure Cloud Computing and delaPortal is the BEST! If your company has more than one location, delaPortal is the business solution you’ve been searching for. Work smarter and run your business efficiently, while saving time, money and headaches, with our simple to use, super web-based collaboration tool. Get your free trial now.

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Contact Information

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delaPORTAL (Headquarters)
Bavaro, Dominican Republic 23000
Email: Sales Department
Tel: (281) 899-0040

System Highlights

Utilize the power of the web and let all your associates work better together with delaPORTAL. It has everything you need to run your organization over the Internet. Using just your web browser on Windows, Apple or Linux you can share documents, schedule tasks and events, show presentations, conduct surveys and transfer secure email – all from the comfort of your desktop or notebook, securely and efficiently.

delaPORTAL makes everyone in your organization more productive no matter where they are: in the office, on the road, or in another country. You don't need to download any special software, and you don't need to maintain any hardware or software.

Real Time Collaboration, Any Time
delaPORTAL makes working together easier than ever. Share calendars, documents, schedules and other data using real-time on-demand web technology. Because delaPORTAL web-enables your business, you're able to react quickly, be more nimble, and get ahead of your competitors – from anywhere in the world and at any time.

Keep Everyone Connected
Keep your entire organization connected to your business whether you're in the office or on the road. Even your most remote associates can stay connected and up to date, just like you're all in the same office. Easily organize and manage your schedules, documents, presentations – and your business – all right from your desktop.

Your Office Is Open & Available 24/7
Today's office isn't always at one location and doesn't always work from 9 to 5 – especially if you're a small business. Whenever you need to work, you still need to get to your information. Your delaPORTAL web-office is always open and ready to serve you, no matter what time zone you are in, and no matter what hour of the day or night.

No Hardware, No Software, No IT Staff
delaPORTAL works for you across the Internet. There's no hardware to buy and no software to download, and you don't need to be, or have, an IT expert – we manage all that for you. It's safe, secure, and always available, on-demand. So whether your business is large or small – or even just you, delaPORTAL works for everyone.


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